Islam : An Introduction

Islam : An Introduction is a great book. This book is written by author Annemarie Schimmel. You can read the Islam : An Introduction book on our website in any convenient format!
A comprehensive introduction to Islam.
"It is a splendid introduction--carefully researched and comprehensive, yet readable. It corrects many popular and erroneous notions about Islam that prevail in non-Muslim societies. For the general reader there are many profound insights of great consequence, for example, the passages on women, marriage, and inheritance, or the section on ... Islam : An Introduction Image
AUTHOR Annemarie Schimmel
FILENAME Islam : An Introduction.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Jun 1992

Introduction to Islam (article) | Khan Academy

Calendar: Muslims follow a lunar calendar which started with the Hegira, a 300 mile (480 km) trek in 622 CE by Muhammad when he relocated from Mecca to Medina. Al-Hijra/Muharram is the Muslim New Year, the beginning of the first lunar month.

BBC - Religion: Islam

Islam is criticized for allowing polygamy, for popular culture in the West views polygamy as relatively backward and impoverished. For many Christians, it is a license to promiscuity, and feminists consider it a violation of women's rights and demeaning to women.


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